Two Times the Fun
November 27, 2010

Kitten Try-Out

So what would you do if you were practicing ukulele at your future in-laws house and a kitten crawled in to your open ukulele case and took a nap? You'd take it home with you right? Especially if this kitten looked almost exactly like the awesome cat you already have, right?

Okay, so the fact the the in-laws older cat was HATING this particular kitten wasn't helping things. And also, the whole kitten falling asleep in your arms and on your shoulder REALLY wasn't helping. So we decided to take him home, and see if Miles might like a little friend.

I've read 3 different things about introducing new cats to each other, and they all say to do it gradually. So we've got the kitten confined to the guest room. But Miles knows something is up and he's currently hanging out in front of the closed door. He's smelled the carrier that the kitten came home in, and no hissing or growling ensued, so that's good. He hasn't hissed at the door separating him and the kitten, which is another good sign, right? I've got high hopes for this thing working out, because I'm probably already too attached to this kitten to even think about taking him back.

Now we've just got to decide on a name. The contenders right now are Mingus or Monk. (We're not big jazz fans, we just like to name our cats after jazz musicians.) We're leaning towards Monk, but in the end it probably won't matter too much because we never end up calling the cats by their names anyways.



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