Salty Dogs
September 19, 2011

These Are Not Socks

Do y'all remember about 3 years ago when I bought a pair of Saltwater sandals? I also linked to a Wikipedia entry about them because it had a quote about them being the "emerging Ugly Shoe Trend for 2008".

It's been many years, and I still wear mine regularly every summer, but recently, I've noticed Saltwater sandals on the feet of many folks (here and in the pacific northwest). So, if my math is correct, it seems that it takes a little over 3 years for an Ugly Shoe Trend to transform into the new must-have summer shoe. (Or did I miss some photo or article about some celebrity wearing them? Because that usually does it too.)

I'm going to take this to mean that myself and the five pairs of Saltwaters I've acquired since 2008 (black, red, yellow, silver, and navy blue) are totally ahead of the fashion curve! Or it's just dumb luck that a shoe I really like finally fell into fashionable favor. (I think we have a winner behind door #2!)



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