Talkin' Nice About a Pretty Sunset
November 03, 2011

Rain Clouds + Fog  + Sunset

Have you ever done that thing where you see something so great and wonderful while you're driving that you pull over and take a photo? I had never done that, until today.

I was driving home from work, and it had been raining, but then it stopped raining, and the sun was out, but there were still these dark clouds at the top of the sky. So there I am driving with the my lights on because it had been dark, and my sunglasses on because it was super bright from the sun (which was reflecting off the wet surfaces everywhere and making it almost impossible to see anything).

But then, I got closer to home, and the sun was setting more, and the clouds started to turn pink! And then I noticed the fog rolling in over the hills and it was just...really amazing. And that's when I SHOULD have stopped the car to take a photo, but I would have blocked traffic and made things even worse for the multitude of bicyclist who use the road I was on. So I waited until I got to the light rail station to pull over, where the view wasn't as good, but you still get the idea, right? Dark pink-ish clouds, a spot of clear sky where the sun was shining through, and fog! I took some photos with my phone too, so maybe together, they give you an idea how crazy the sky was...

1320368416243   1320368459938



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