I Tend to Talk More When I'm Tired
November 10, 2011

Box Cat

It's been a long day, and I had popcorn and a sprite for dinner. It was a regular Sprite, not a diet Sprite, and oh my gawd! It was sweet. Syrupy sweet. (The movie theater was out of Diet Coke!) Despite the long day, I did get to end it at the movies with a friend (hence the popcorn). We saw 50/50 which was quite good, and I laughed out loud a lot and I even got a little weepy (though honestly, it doesn't take much these days). And now I'm home and I'm typing up a blog post because it's NaBloPoMo and I'm not giving up! Though this has ended up much longer than I thought it would. I was just going to say "Phoning it in! Here's a cat in a box!" But I think maybe I should save that for a night when I truly need to phone it in, right? Right.

I'm still giving you the cat in the box though.

I kind of regret the popcorn. Well, maybe not the popcorn so much. But the butter. And the fact that I got a medium. And ate the whole thing. But it was my dinner. Next time, the small popcorn. (I'll probably forget and order a medium again anyways.)



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