Sunday in the City (and Then Some)
November 13, 2011

Crissy Field

Things I have done this weekend:

  • Saturday morning dance class (a whole lotta shimmy goin' on)
  • Set up a new wireless router (our old one was pretty flaky with the iPad)
  • MAJOR closet purge (12 grocery bags of clothes and shoes!)
  • Caught up on Community and Parks and Rec (Thursday night tee-vee!)
  • Spent the day in San Francisco with some friends (Crissy Field! Ghirardelli Square! Fort Mason! Ferry Building!)
  • Developed a hole in a favorite pair of jeans while walking around SF with the same friends (tragic!)
  • Realized that wearing a dress over jeans means nobody will see the hole in my jeans (win!)
  • Lovely dinner with different friends at the local Tapas place (sangria!)

A fabulous weekend, indeed! (Also, I'm exhausted!)



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