Catching Up
December 13, 2011


The nephew I mentioned in my last post? He arrived very late the next day! Some day, I'll have to thank him for having the good sense to wait until the 1st to make his arrival (any earlier and there's no way I would have finished NaBloPoMo).

I'm still loving the Clarisonic. It's been about a month and a half, and you'd have to pry it from my cold, dead hands to get me to stop using it. The obnoxious under-chin pimples are completely gone! There's been a small new crop that showed up on a different part of my chin, but they're the kind that aren't that visible, and they're close to being gone at this point, so I can deal. I have a feeling that any new pimples that are brave enough to appear are going to be the kind that aren't too obvious and don't stick around very long. I can totally deal with this.

I'm still loving these boots. Last weekend we were in a couple of my favorite shoe stores, and the urge to buy something new really wasn't there and I think it was because I was wearing those boots! I love them that much.

And finally, I'm amazed that the little cat is still alive. Late last week, he ingested a yard-long sweatshirt string (you know, the string that makes it so you can tighten the hood over your head? I never actually use them for that and usually remove them) that had been attached to a toy. Of course, we didn't realize what he had done until he barfed it up on Sunday morning. Which was pretty gross, but thank jeebus it happened. Had it not come back out through that end, I think we would have had to make another emergency vet visit (and honestly we've had enough of those this year). I'm still shaking my head in disbelief just thinking about it. I also took some (hopefully) preventative measures - all the cat toys with any sort of string attached to them have now been hidden.

P.S. Could someone please make December slow down? Just a little?



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