Weekends Away
January 08, 2012

Let There Be Light

Remember that Kickstarter project I mentioned? They reached their goal! I couldn't be more excited! Crap-free popsicles for everyone! Hooray!

This weekend's other great happening was leaving the cats alone for 24 hours (aside from someone coming to feed them), and arriving home to find everyone still had fur and eyeballs! The boys, much to my dismay, like to get in little (and sometimes not so little) scuffles every so often, and I've been worried about leaving them alone for more than 8 hours. It's a relief to know that they were on good behavior (as far as I can tell) while we were gone.

I'm still recovering from a week away visiting my mum and this weekend's visit to the in-laws, but stay tuned for my top 10 albums from 2011 (the 2010 post is over here) and a review of some Amy Sacks frames!



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