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February 15, 2012

Mouse Ears

For Christmas this year, my brother gave me a pair of mouse ears. Well, first, he gave me a gift certificate that was wrapped in a package that looked like mouse ears. Then, for fun, he decided he might as well get me a pair of real mouse ears too.

See, there's a thing about mouse ears in my family. And it's not because we're Disney people (not that there's anything wrong with that).

My brother is almost exactly 2 years younger than me. When he was born (the day after my birthday), my parents gave me a pair of Mickey Mouse ears, and they said they were from him. Apparently I LOVED them and would not let anyone remove them from my head unless I was going to sleep. LOVE!

So when my brother gives me mouse ears? It's kind of a big deal. As you might imagine, the current pair are not as permanently attached to my head (they're sitting on the dresser though, just waiting for me to wear them at any moment).

Also, the photo on the left? I think I'm trying to wear my Dad's boots. I guess the shoe thing started pretty early?



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