Weekend Bits
March 12, 2012

Day 1: Shoes

So the big Instagram announcement? It happened on Sunday and the result? The android version will be here "very soon" (according to this article over on Mashable Tech). This is good news! Not as awesome as the actual app being ready now, but I think I can live with "very soon". (Dear Instagram, if you need android beta testers, I'm your gal!)

On a totally unrelated note, I attempted to make gluten-free lemon bars this weekend. I used coconut flour in the crust (instead of regular flour), and they turned out kind of "meh". The crust texture is crumbly and dense at the same time and it's just...not right. I made them Saturday night and the fact that we still have over half the pan left is quite telling (if neither one of us wants to eat them, you know they're not very good). I think I might try again with some all purpose gluten-free flour and see if they turn out better. The whole point of making them was to use up the surplus of lemons in the fruit bowl, so I might as well make some more, right? Right. If they turn out okay, I'll be sure to let you know.



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