This is Going to be a Shocker (Not)
April 19, 2012

Instagram Mosaic

You probably could have seen it coming, so it's not going to be a surprise when I tell you I'm kind of obsessed with Instagram.

Using it on my phone is way different than the "cheater" method I was using and oh boy, do I understand the hype. Yes there are tons of other photo filter apps out there, but they're not exactly like Instagram and if you don't get it, then don't use it.

After using it for a couple of weeks, here's what I've found:

  • My favorite filter so far is EarlyBird. With Sierra and Lo-Fi coming in as close seconds. I try and play around with all of them, but these are usually the ones I land on.
  • Specific to Android: I wish there was an option to share to Flickr, but I guess that's coming soon. For now, I just find the Instagram photo in my gallery and send it to Flickr from there.
  • Also specific to Android: the app size is HUGE. Thankfully they updated it rather quickly so it's movable to an SD card, but wow. I ended up buying a new phone with more storage, which was not directly related to Instagram (I was running out of room before it was available), but it was definitely a catalyst.
  • My stream is full of cat photos. Maybe it should be called Catstagram. Or maybe I'll just start using that hashtag.

I also discovered Webstagram this week. Now I can check my feed without looking at my phone all the time. (Win!)

It's definitely been a welcomed distraction and I'll probably be back in the swing of posting on here and Flickr soon, but right now? I am all about Instagram.



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