In Case You're Wondering How I Feel About My Clarisonic
August 31, 2012

Boots, because I needed to feel a little bad ass for a day

Remember how I bought a Clarisonic last year? I've used it every day since then. For serious. My skin has never looked better.

Then, this past weekend, I left it behind at my future in-laws house. I'm embarrassed to admit that I panicked a little. And I annoyed the almost husband with a lot of, "Are you going to call your mom now? How about now? Now?" In the meantime, I already had another one added to my cart on Amazon (I seriously love my Clarisonic that much). But my future MIL is awesome and she mailed it back the next day.

Number of day I managed to live without the Clarisonic? Two. And no horrible teenage acne situation surfaced (which I was fully expecting to happen). Though now I'm thinking maybe I really should get another one. You know, for back-up.



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