What I'm Dealing With
October 10, 2012

Tacos. Bite Marks

Have I mentioned that my cats are scavengers? My step-mom once remarked, after I had listed off the things the boys have dragged off the counter, that it sounds like I live with wild mongoose, not cats. (They ate lemon bars once. LEMON BARS!)

Their latest endeavor was a box of taco shells. The tacos were on the counter, inside the box, in a sealed ziploc bag. Apparently this was not enough to deter the wild mongoose cats. NOTHING IS SAFE.

In other news, I'm getting married in less than two weeks and I'm eerily calm about it. I also signed up for an online programming course that started earlier this month. Possibly not my best decision ever, but we'll see how it goes. Also, I think I may take a pass on Halloween this year. Unless I dress up as a bride. That counts as a costume, right?



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