Oops, I Did It Again
May 26, 2014

Long time readers may remember way back in August 2009 when I shaved my head. I had been growing my hair out and I was DONE. So done that I took matters into my own hands.

Last month, I had also reached that DONE point. I had been growing out my bangs, and the rest of my hair had taken up permanent residence in Frizz Town, and I couldn't take it any more. My morning hair routine had become me drying the hair closest to my head and then putting it in some sort of up-do while it was still damp. Wearing it up all the time got old pretty fast.

And due to circumstances out of my control, my regular 8 week hair appointment had been pushed out. But I waited. Because I like my hair guy and I knew he'd do a good job, so I wanted him to do the honors. I went in with a collection of short hair "inspiration" photos (mostly Michelle Williams and Carey Mulligan) and came out with a lot less hair.

So. Much. Hair. It was time. Thanks @itsdonn! Hair, one week later. Absolutely no regrets.
(L to R: All of the Hair! Photo taken about an hour after. Photo taken one week later.)

And oh my gosh, it's so much easier. SO. MUCH. EASIER. I can't believe I had forgotten how much easier short hair is. The Monday after I got it cut, I showed up at work half an hour earlier than normal because I didn't have to deal with my hair.

The last time I did this, it was on a bit of a whim, but this time I had weeks to think about it. However, I didn't tell anyone I was going to do it. I've found, over the years, that people have opinions about hair - even if it's not their own. And I am SO GOOD at second guessing myself, I decided that I didn't need any help.

As suspected, a couple of people were shocked, but not in a bad way. What surprised me was the number or people at work who have told me they like my hair, which makes me think I had absolutely no reason for any second guessing.

The important thing is that I LIKE IT. And I'm so glad I did it. I'm honestly amazed I kept it at a longer length for as long as I did. I can't imagine going back.

(I think I said that last time too - let's see how long it takes before I want to grow it out again...)



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