Summer Vacation
July 08, 2014

I can't resist the poppies (outside the Willows) #lategram Inside the cafe downstairs at the Willows. #lategram Walking around a scent garden in Ferndale.

We just got back from a vacation to visit my mum up in Washington and I actually took some photos with something besides my phone (these are not them). They're slowly going up on flickr.

A notable thing about this trip is that I finally figured out the ideal pack-mule configuration for airport traveling. I've finally given in to the BIG backpack because it fits everything! I was able to cram a small camera bag, my laptop, and other various carry on items in it and two straps means I'm not causing distress to only one shoulder. But the big backpack can be hard to maneuver around if you need to get things in and out of it (like boarding passes). The solution? A small cross-body purse that fits my wallet, sunglasses, and phone. It was an epiphany I had about an hour before I needed to get up and get ready to leave for the airport, and it made the sleeplessness worth it. I can't believe it's taken me this long to figure this scenario out, so I figured I'd better document it just in case I ever forget (though I kind of doubt I will).

We had a fabulous time visiting with my mom and step-dad. Highlights include:

  • wandering around Hovander Homestead Park
  • seeing Chef
  • 4th of July Fireworks from the comfort of a deck with beverage in hand
  • attending the first performance of this season's Bellingham Festival of Music
  • seeing a bald eagle when we were driving around Lummi Island
  • nearly completing many of the crossword puzzles in the local paper (team effort!)

The only time we spent in Seattle were some very brief layovers at the airport, which just isn't right. Adding "Seattle" to the "must do" list for the next trip. For now, I'm glad to be back home with the furry cat dudes, but I'll be ready to visit again in no time.



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