Farewell, July
August 03, 2014

Poppies with Blurry Bee

I'm a little bit relieved that July is over. It ended up being the month of the BBQ. Pretty much every weekend, there was some sort of BBQ going on, which was awesome, but exhausting and I'm happy to have some time to bum around at home and get stuff done, such as:

  • Learning to brew my own kobucha. Why? Because apparently I'm a bigger hippie than any of us realized and I've developed a bit of a kombucha habit and it's expensive. We're currently in the "grow a SCOBY" phase of this adventure. I'm sure I'll have more to elaborate on in a few weeks.
  • Make some popsicles! I've been wanting to do this for a while. I made a batch of coconut milk fudgsicles last night, and I've got a batch of Mango Lassi Popsicles freezing right now. If those turn out as good as I think they might, they'll get their own blog post.
  • And since we're talking about recipes. I JUST put together a board on Pinterest for recipes I've pinned and have actually made. I pin A LOT of recipes, and there's no way I'm ever going to make them all. But I have made some. I may even elaborate on some of them here, but for now, I can re-pin them to this board.

And of course, there's the usual laundry, lunch making, and tidying up of the house. All things that need to get done, and can sometimes fall off the radar when we're having too much weekend fun. But I think that's totally okay every once in a while, especially when it means I come home with a bag full of smoked pork shoulder. (Okay, so I might actually miss all those BBQs now that they're over.)



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