A List Of Things (It's Like 4 Little Blog Posts in One!)
November 11, 2014

Home from work clouds.

Thing 1

This whole being able to breathe like a normal person thing is amazing! Stairs are no longer my nemesis! I'm able to clean the apartment without sounding like I'm recovering from running a marathon! Walking downtown to go out to dinner is something I actually want to do! And yesterday, I finally went to the lunchtime pilates class at work and I didn't feel like I was going to die! (That part is happening now - every muscle is sore.) I think a bike ride or maybe a hike might be next on the list of things to try...

Thing 2
I had part of a can of pumpkin taking up space in my fridge so I made these Paleo Pumpkin Carrot Muffins on Sunday. The texture was not completely like a regular muffin (I don't know why I thought it would be), but the flavor is good. Not completely like a carrot cake, but close (the thought of putting some cream cheese on one has crossed my mind). They were tasty at room temperature, but they also make a pretty decent breakfast straight out of the fridge.

Thing 3
I'm trying one more batch of kombucha, with a change to the amount of sugar I've been using. This is the last thing I want to try before I type it all out for you...

Thing 4

My step-dad sent me this video of a baby armadillo playing and it's kind of the best thing ever.

Happy Wednesday!



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