Birds of a Feather
April 30, 2017

We've got a squatter in the backyard.

So, we moved and we have a little backyard area now. As a little housewarming gift, we received a small green bird house. We hung it on a post that already had a nail, just to get it off the ground, figuring that it was too close to the house to actually be used by any birds.

About a month or so later, I noticed a little chickadee hanging around near the birdhouse. I can see it through the window when I'm sitting at my desk. But I thought it was just a fluke. But that bird was hanging around a lot. And then one afternoon, I actually saw it fly right out of the house, and another bird head popped out. Not only were a couple of birds using it, THEY BUILT A NEST.

And now, we can hear the wee baby birds inside the birdhouse! We watch the parent birds fly back and forth for a good part of the day with food for the babies, and you can hear the little peeping of the babies get way more excited when one of the parents comes back to the nest. As much as I would LOVE to get some photos, I also don't want to disturb them. They get upset enough when we're out in the yard, though that doesn't seem to stop them from delivering food. (There's a very short little video over here.)

With the success of the birdhouse, I thought a bird bath might be a good idea. So we bought one this weekend, and so far - no birds. I'm guessing it might take a little while for them to discover it's there. Though, I'm also figuring that since we had such great unexpected luck with the birdhouse, that the bird bath will be an utter failure. We'll just have to wait and see!



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