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01.04.02 (friday)

I'm using this picture on my desktop at work.

If one more person walks into my cube and thinks it would be funny to ask, "Do you like pies?"...I just might throw one at them.

It's not about the pies! It's about the art!
The fact that I like pie has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with it.

01.03.02 (thursday)

The Ugly Green Chair turns a year old today.

01.02.02 (wednesday)

I realize that checking my e-mail every ten minutes will not, in fact, make the day go by any faster.
But I will continue to check...just in case.

01.01.02 (tuesday)

Happy New Year!

My dad has been taking pictures of the cats.
He received a free digital camera when he signed up with Earthlink (I'm not sure exactly why he signed up, he has accounts with AOL and MSN, but that's a story for another day). He e-mailed me the photo to the right this morning. He said he was out on the deck 'communicating' with her.

12.31.01 (monday)

I went non-christmas with my wrapping paper purchases this year, mostly blues, golds and silvers, hardly any red or green. But Liz found the best paper ever. Had I come across this paper, I probably would have wrapped everything in it:


My favorite little picture is the bus with santa and the reindeer.

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