2.9.01 (friday)

You're no rock and roll fun.

In a conversation with my dad today I found out that he put the house up for sale. He slipped it in between, the how are you's, why do you think you caught another cold, and your christmas present finally got here.

He and stepmom and littlest brother would like to live closer to my grandparents, so they'll sell the place, and buy a new house 3 hours away. I'm going to have to get used to my parents not living within half an hour of me. Of course, dad says if they don't get the asking price, then they'll take the house off the market, so I'm not going to get too distraught..

2.8.01 (thursday)

Fun with Photoshop.

2.7.01 (wednesday)
Today is a sick day, which means many naps and entirely too much cable tv. Mostly switching between comedy central and animal planet.

Someday, I want one of these.

2.5.01 (monday)
I'm not one of those people that gets sick very often. I wasn't really sick at all last year. But then in November, I think my immune system went on strike. I've had the stomach flu, which left me feeling abnormal for about a week. The week of Thanksgiving, infact. Which was probably a good thing because I'm sure it helped curb my holiday food consumption. Right after Christmas I got THE cold, the one that everyone you know was infected with. And now I've got it AGAIN. I'm thinking it's time I invested in some airborne.

If you didn't watch the superbowl (I only watched for the ads. heh.), you can see what you missed here. This one (not a superbowl ad) has left me giggling more than once this weekend.

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