2.1.01 (thursday)

I've been practicing with the wacom tablet.
It's yours truly, with the new 'do and an ugly chair.

1.30.01 (tuesday)

A creatively wrapped christmas gift, a shot of the Pulgas Water Temple, and my feet in the vanity mirror. Guess which one is which.

1.28.01 (sunday)
I cut my hair. Why is that a big deal? My hair hadn't been cut in 10 months. Except for the occassional do it yourself clipping I did to my bangs. I'm still not sure what I think about it.
I sat in the hydrolic chair and told her to cut off about 5 inches, and trim the bangs (I'm not an ace when it comes to taking the scissors to my own hair). The stylist paused for a moment, and then sort of laughed, "I was just picturing what you'd look like after the haircut", she says. Not a good sign. I suppose it ended up okay, I keep telling myself I had to do it. When your hair is so dead it feels like straw, it really should be hacked off.
If I had a digital camera, I'd provide some sort of likeness here, but I don't. I'd take one with my 35mm, but the process would take far too long to get it here, and by then I'd be over the whole haircut thing. If I was feeling at all creative, I'd draw the likeness of my new 'do, but that's not gonna happen anytime soon either, so you'll just have to sit there and wonder, not that you probably will.

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