Friday the 13th


It's Friday, I'm in a pretty decent mood, and I won a rubber radio at work today.

I'm going to a BBQ in Santa Cruz tomorrow. For the occasion, I'm making the easiest hors d'oeuvres ever. Herb roasted Mushrooms. The hardest part is cleaning the mushrooms. If you'd like the recipe, give me a holler.

7.11.01 (wednesday)

Thanks to pocket pig, I can now make little drawing on my palm pilot. Last night I drew these:
blossom bubbles

And I don't know why Blossom is sad, I just drew her that way.

Bonny Dune Vineyard's Ca del Solo wine has the most fantastic labels. The most unique I've seen in a while. I'd buy it just for the lovely labels, but it so happens that their Big House Red is fairly tasty (and not overly expensive), so that's all the more reason to try some with your next Italian feast.

7.10.01 (tuesday)

7.09.01 (monday)

It's official. I'm going to Portland, Oregon at the end of this month. A REAL vacation! If anyone has any 'What to Do, Where to Go' suggestions, I would very much appreciate them.

Other random weekend things:
Baseball game (the Giants lost), very yummy crepes, the sad fact that not only am I allergic to mussels, but clams too (just fresh ones though, for some reason I can eat the canned variety), brunch with BiG MiKE, and dinner with the Girls (My Favorite Cousin and the Gailster).

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