6.21.01 (thursday)

I bought my very own cow parade cow. I of course have the miniature version.
cow parade! yes, again

6.20.01 (wednesday)

Today, I almost did something I've never ever done.

I almost called in sick when I actually wasn't ill. Well, I am feeling a little out of sorts, but not ill, per say. But really, I've never feigned being sick and taken the day off. I just can't do it. My father somehow instilled a work ethic in my little brain that will not allow me to call up and pretend I'm sick, so I can go hang out at the beach.
But this morning when the question "What would I actually to do today if not at work?" presented itself, the only answer I could come up with was sit around on my arse. So, it was decided, I might as well go to work.

So here I sit...on my work...doing a whole lot of...nothing, and thinking I should have gone to the beach.

he will fly again

6.17.01 (saturday)

Happy Dad's Day
My Dad received a Stevie Wonder CD and a lovely spaghetti and meatball dinner made by yours truly.

The Googly Minotaur is my new friend per our AIM conversation this evening:

uglygreengirl: will you be my friend?
GooglyMinotaur: Absolutely.
uglygreengirl: no way!
GooglyMinotaur: . ok, fine
uglygreengirl: please?
GooglyMinotaur: :-)
uglygreengirl: :-(
GooglyMinotaur: . don't frown... unhappiness is overrated

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