3.19.01 (monday)

Saturday, I went to the Seibel Classic (aka, old guys playing golf) at Coyote Creek Golf Course. The picture to the right would be Sam Snead's caddy, and Jim Colbert cleaning off his shoe. We weren't supposed to have cameras there, but the Aiptek pen cam makes it oh so easy to sneak in and take a few snapshots.

Sunday was spent in San Francisco with Wonder Woman. We went to a crafts fair to see her best friend Brain who was selling some lovely glass jewelery, and then headed over to the Palace of Legion of Honor to see Toulouse Lautrec and the spirit of Montmartre. Our next stop was the Haight. Wonder Woman was on a quest for vintage clothing, and I was on a quest for new shoes. Neither of us were victorious. By this time, we were tired, and hungry, and decided that our only option for dinner was our favorite creperie Ti Couz. I highly recommend the Salmon and Onion crepe. C'est tres bien.

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