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10.22.01 (sunday)

We went bowling with Emmitt's parents last night.

Bowling is one of those things that you don't think takes any skill, until you walk up and attempt to hurl the ball towards the pins and watch it steadily drift into the gutter. When this happens four times - in a row, you figure there has to be something to it. That you're not doing something right. That maybe you actually have to practice bowling?

So in order to make myself not feel like a complete idiot, I set a bowling goal for myself. Normally, you want to get as close to 300 points as possible. Seeing as how reaching 300 points was about as likely as me walking on the moon tomorrow, I set my sights a bit lower. My score was to keep below 100 points. And by some miracle, I managed to attain what would have been a great golf score (somewhere in the 72 range) for both games we played. And thus, I didn't feel like a complete moron, because I had reached my bowling goal for the evening.

side note: Last night, I also learned that margarita mix and sweet and sour mix are pretty much the exact same thing. I was a bit skeptical, but a taste test proved that they are one in the same. And as an added bonus, margarita mix adds a lovely green hue to a whiskey sour.

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