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9.21.01 (friday)

I found the prefect mix tape. When I made it 10 years ago, I had no clue that one day I would find that it had every song I wanted to hear right at that moment, but perhaps that's part of the beauty of a mix tape.

Yesterday, before heading off to work I grabbed a couple of mix tapes out of my bag of music. I had finally grown tired of "Meat is Murder" by the Smiths, because it's all I'd been listening to for the past week or so, and I needed something different. I randomly grabbed one of the mix tapes and popped it into the tape deck. I found myself singing along with the first couple of songs, and in a failry decent mood. When I left work and headed for My Favorite Cousin's house and "Prove my Love" by the violent femmes came on, I turned up the volume, sang along, and pounded on the steering wheel along with the drums. I was smiling and rockin' out in my car. I haven't done that in ages. Every song after that kept me smiling and singing along. And this is when it hit me - I've found the perfect mix tape! It may not be quite so prefect a month from now and it probably wasn't perfect when I created it 10 years ago, but right now, it's exactly what I need to hear.

9.18.01 (tuesday)

I spent a couple of days at my mum's house. She has a cat. Oreo. And you would think a cat named oreo would be black and white. This particular Oreo is a calico. It was the only name my brother and I could agree on when we adopted her 16 years ago. Yes, she's 16 years old, cranky, and quite fat. So I present to you a few pictures of Oreo, Fat Cat Extraordinaire:

Oreo in the living room
Extreme close up
Look at those whiskers!

(still trying to keep myself preoccupied)

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