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9.15.01 (saturday)

Congrats to miss loobylu - she's getting married today! I wish you much happiness.

I've been trying to keep myself preoccupied as best I can:
- I finally developed a stray roll of film from Portland, and have a few more pictures post - which hinges on when I actually scan said photos.
- I've also discovered something to tide me over until the next harry potter book comes out - A Series of Unfortunate Events. Yes, I know they're kids books. I don't care. I'm reading them anyways.
- and tomorrow, I'm retreating to the fog - I'm off to san francisco to see my mum for a couple of days. I'll be back on tuesday.

9.13.01 (thursday)

- continues to have interesting/informative links.
- so does megnut
- if people keep frowarding you Nostradamus e-mails and the like, please double check their validity here.

9.11.01 (tuesday)

When I walked out of the bathroom this morning, B beckoned me over to his laptop, "Come look at this". He started reading headlines. I wanted to believe it was a joke, or a hoax, something other than the truth. But as he kept reading, I was horror struck. And then immediately I thought of my stepdad who might still be in Boston. I was relieved when I called and he answered the phone. He had arrived back on sunday.

Like most everyone else, I'm in a perpetual state of shock, disbelief and sadness.

NPR is my best friend today.
and has some informative links.

9.10.01 (monday)

Last night, I went up to my dad's house for dinner.

9.9.01 (sunday)

home made pastaYesterday I made pasta. From scratch. Eggs, flour and a little olive oil. I don't even have a pasta machine. I did it all by hand.

Then, while preparing the sauce to accompany my faboulous home made creation, my pasta high was shattered when I sliced my thumb. The next few hours were spent in the waiting room at Kaiser so I could see the minor injury people. We made bets. My guess was that we wouldn't get out of there til around 9pm (we had arrived around 6:30), B was betting they would put some sort of contraption on my thumb so it would heal better. Around 8pm I left kaiser with nothing more than giant band-aid on my thumb, and the instructions to keep it on for 24 hours.

When we arrived home B prepared the sauce, and I cooked the pasta. The finished product was quite good. I've decided that preparing fresh pasta is definitely a weekend project, not a weeknight endeavour. Even if I don't slice my thumb.

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