ARCHIVE (week of May 19, 2002)

MAY 22, 2002 • Wednesday


Happy Birthday to Morrissey. His birthday is so close to mine, I can't help but remember.

I took the picture above on Monday when I stopped at the store on my way home. It's not every year you get to see a rainbow on your birthday.

And thanks to everyone who e-mailed me birthday wishes, they were much appreciated.

[insert plug for friend's record label here]

All you inidie rock hipsters should go buy the new Trackstar 12" from turn records for 2 reasons... #1. the label is run by one of the nicest guys you'll ever come across and #2. if you order right away, you'll get something free with your order. So go go go!

[end plug for friend's record label]

MAY 21, 2002 • Tuesday

Happy Birthday to the lil bro, he turns 25 today!
(and he graduates from Berkeley on Friday, what a week!)

And in case you're wondering, the co-workers did forget, but by lunch time they had more than made up for it (balloons, flowers, streamers, and 2 cakes!).

MAY 19, 2002 • Sunday

pre-birthday sunset

I have The Creeps™. It's Sunday night, and I don't want to go to sleep, because that means I'll have to get up in the morning and go to work.

You would think I'd want to get up tomorrow. It's my birthday. And this year, for some unknown reason, it's a big deal. At least I'm making it one. It's not a monumental birthday (like say turning 16, 18 or 30 might be). And just because I'm making it a momentous occasion, I know that my co-workers will forget, despite my subtle reminders for the past couple of weeks.

See, where I work, your cube is decorated on your birthday and sometimes, there's even cake. It's kind of expected. So you come into work and act surpised that there are streamers, confetti and balloons hanging from various parts of your cube. And for some reason, I just know they'll forget, and my cube will be lacking in pastel party decorations in the morning, and I know I probably shouldn't take it personally, but I will. I'll try not to let it ruin my day. I really will. But it'll be hard.

This year, I've kind of celebrated before my birth day. Is it too much to ask for a few balloons on my birhtday? So here's hoping that I'll come into work and be pleasantly surprised. But I'm not getting my hopes up.

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