This is the first thing I've completed knitting. It was fairly easy...


2 - 50g skeins of Sirdar Snowflake Double Knitting yarn
I chose 2 ugly green colors - #335 (Grass) and #392 (Arctic Moss)
Recommended needles on the label are US #8

I ended up using Boye #9 metal needles
#10 needles would probably work too

I kind of made up my own, taking inspiration from Megan's Scarf.
Cast on 30 stitches with yarn color #335, knit 15 more rows (cast on row=1 + 15 more =16 total rows), knit 10 rows of #392 (arctic moss). Alternate between the two colors until you reach your desired scarf length. (I know there's some fancy way of writing that down in knitting speak, but I'm not quite that advanced yet.)
I ended up with a 5' long scarf, ending with the same color I started with.

I started out trying #15 needles, and it was way too loopy, so I switched to the #9's. I probably would have tried #10's, but didn't have any. The 9's gave me a nice texture and allowed me to keep the stitches pretty loose.

close up

When switching colors, I didn't cut the strings. I was afraid I might have to pull some of the scarf out, so just to be safe, I kept everthing in tact.

half way

It ended up taking me about 2 weeks to complete the scarf. I did most of my knitting in the evenings, watching TV. And I'm sure there were a few nights where I didn't knit at all. I did finally finish the scarf on Christmas Day.


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