a random list
August 28, 2002

red flowers

At the moment, I am nearly unable to produce one complete thought (you can blame that on the 8am meeting I had to be awake for this morning). So here is a list random thngs:

There are supposedly lemurs at the SF zoo, and I will see them this weekend. This makes me happy. I like lemurs.
Actually, I'm just happy to go to San Francisco where it will not be too warm to wear a sweater.
It's 8pm and I have not eaten dinner, but I have baked some cupcakes.
I tried using courier new for the font here (because it looks so lovely here), but it did not look nice, so we're back to verdana. You can't go wrong with verdana.
I have too many pears. I need to find something to do with pears. I already gave some to the neighbor. The new designer at work showed interest when I mentioned them, so she gets some too. That still leaves about 16. Pears, anyone?
I need to go downstairs and change the channel on the tv to something more acceptable, like say, cartoons.
I've found a better grocery store to shop at, which is more convenient than whole foods, but the parking lot seems to be more dangerous. So far, I am okay with the danger vs convenience ratio.

I suppose I could have put all of that in paragraph form, but it seems to make more sense in list form. I really should go eat something.



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