Labor day weekend
September 03, 2002

Pulgas Water Temple

There was an extreme lack of fog and cold weather in San Francisco this weekend, much to my dismay. I wore a sweater once the whole time, and that was for the half of Saturday spent in Halfmoon Bay.

Things I did while visiting the parental units this weekend:
Spent too much money on yarn, went to a wine tasting festival thing in Morgan Hill, stayed up until 3am with mum (knitting and watching Bedazzled), finished knitting a scarf (the ugly green scarf II), listened to tourists squeal and scream as the cable cars periodically plummeted down Washington St., saw Lovely and Amazing, and watched too many reruns of Cheers.

Things I did not do this weekend:
Go to the zoo (the lemurs will have to wait), wear a sweater nearly as much as I would have liked, and bring a hat (which I really could have used while in Morgan Hill).



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