weirdness abound
September 21, 2003

Canon Powershot G2

Things that happened this weekend that I was not expecting:
• The air conditioning broke.
• Calling my dad's and not realizing it was the littlest brother who answered the phone because his voice is changing.
• The woman who asked me for directions to Santa Clara (she somehow ended up in downtown San Jose, which isn't that far off, but was still a little weird)
• the guy who seemed to be staring at me and ML while we were stopped at a light and she was showing me the bump on her wrist.
• The miraculous repair of the air conditioning (I thought it wouldn't be fixed until mid next week - thanks repair guy!)
• The fact that as I drove though Campbell today at approximately 3:45pm my car said it was 101 degrees outside. That's just not right.
• It was only down to 82 degrees as I was driving home at approximately 8:45pm, which I'll admit is slightly better, but still not right.



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