cry me a river
October 19, 2003

Canon Powershot G2

While I do live in a building with a pool, these goggles are not for swimming. These are cooking goggles. More precisely, they are onion goggles.

I love onions, but the flood gates to my tear ducts slam open every time I cut one up. I get through one half of an onion, and have to step away and let the tears flow. If I even tried to continue I'd risk chopping off my left thumb. I like having a thumb on both hands.

Do they help?
On Friday night, I donned my goggles and chopped an onion and some shallots without having to take a tear break. I probably looked like a complete dork, but my eyes remained dry and I didn't have to worry about losing a thumb.
So, hell yeah, they work!



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