the pudding's where the proof is
December 16, 2003

Canon Powershot G2

The shipping guy at work is on to me. You can only have a package from Zappos or Yak Pak delivered so many times before he starts smirking and saying thinks like "I didn't know we did business with (insert name of company we obviously don't do business with)!"

It's made my usual plan of ordering christmas gifts online and having them shipped directly to me less desirable. But the thing I've found about actually leaving the house and shopping is that the store I choose to patronize is undoubtedly out of what I'm looking for. They might have one out of the 3 things I need, if I'm lucky. So after leaving the store mostly empty handed, a mad dash about town ensues to try and find the remaining items on my list. Efficient, no. Frustrating, oh yes.

Had I been smart, I would have added a bunch more stuff to my Archie Mcphee order and been done with it. Who wouldn't love a pair of windup hopping lederhosen?



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