what's so great, about the barrier reef
April 04, 2004

Canon Powershot G2

A short list of movies I have seen lately where there are people knitting (for my own reference, really):

The Wedding Singer: At the end, when they're on the plane to Vegas in first class, there's a woman knitting something orange.

Lost in Translation: There's a part where Charlotte wraps her unfinished scarf (it's still on the needles!) around her neck and asks her huband if he thinks it's long enough.

What Ever Happened to Baby Jane: Joan Crawford is up in her room, anticipating Bette Davis coming up to see her, and is nervously knitting something.

I leave for Austin tomorrow morning (missing SXSW by a couple of weeks, AGAIN), so there will likely not be anything new here for about a week. However, I am bringing the camera, so there will be photos when I return.



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