In sickness and in health...
February 21, 2005


Nicknames I acquired in my younger days:
Whit, Shorty, Dixie Cup

Nicknames I've acquired in the past couple of years:
L'il Mouse, Olivia, Winnie, Grasshopper, Whittle Skittle, Whitney Bee

Nicknames I've acquired in the past few months:
L'il Red, W (pronounced, unfortunately, as 'dubya')

Nickname I acquired in the past 2 weeks:
Typhoid Whitney

Which is now terribly innaccurate, as I have recovered quite nicely from the plague. In fact, healthy enough to go on a 3 mile hike yesterday in weather that was threatening to rain. If it weren't for this little tiny lingering cough, I would proclaim myself 100% healthy (current status is 99%).



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