Fast as you can...
February 24, 2005



I'm wearing a sweater with a hole in it today. I discovered the hole last week, which prompted the purchase of lavender scented mothballs. Now my closet smells...odd. Not bad, just odd.

I recently discovered that I like frozen grapes. I like them a lot.

After seeing Sideways, I can no longer bring myself to order Merlot. Which is sort of silly, because I like Merlot. Mum and Step-dad are still drinking it, but they refer to it as 'f-ing Melrot' now. As in, "Should I open a bottle of f-ing Merlot to go with dinner?"

As someone who owns far too many shoes, I think I can honestly say that Zappos is one of the best online shoe retailers, ever. I ordered something Monday, it arrived Wednesday. And shipping was FREE. And they're very cool about returns. I may start getting all my shoes there. (I'm well aware that I don't NEED more shoes, this does not, however, prevent them from showing up in my closet.)

I'm finding that I really like shopping at Trader Joe's. I got a bag full of groceries last week, and only spent $20. Even the cashier who checked me out was impressed.

I am happy as a little clam.



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