"You're hiding in the trees..."
August 17, 2005

Canon Digital Rebel and some photoshop fun

I'm having a bit of writers block. Sort of.
There are any number of subjects I could tell you about:
- the bridesmaid dresses, which arrived last week
- how much I'm enjoying living in Santa Cruz
- how we ended up with a bugzooka
- how I would rather buy actual CDs as opposed to mp3s from iTunes

See? it's not a lack of subject matter, but I think it's the actual telling of the story that's keeping me from writing anything. I've started to type up at least 3 entries only to delete them because I don't think they're written well enough, or they're not funny enough. And then, part of me wonders if maybe it is the subject matter. Is that really stuff I want to write about? Is it stuff you want to read about? The way I've set up the site sometimes makes me feel like everything needs to be a little story that can stand on it's own, as opposed to a list or little one or two line quip. But maybe it doesn't?

I suppose it's my 'blog' and I can do whatever I want. But right now, I'm not quite sure what I want.



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