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September 26, 2005

Pirate, Duotone


Why is Monday morning traffic so much worse than Wednesday? Or am I imagining this? It seemed like there were way more over sized Chevy Suburbans practicing proctology* this morning than there are later in the week. Next Monday, I'm making T-Bone drive.

Why does EVERYTHING in the women's section at Old Navy right now have sequins? Don't get me wrong, I like sparkly things. On the pants I recently purchased, there's a row of sequins that's right where my belt is supposed to go. When I wear a belt, and actually, you know, move around, there's this noise. This noise is my belt scratching against the piles and piles of sequins attached to my pants. It makes me sound like I'm wearing a diaper. I SWEAR I AM NOT WEARING A DIAPER.

And while we're on a clothes tangent...why do women's pants only have, like, 3 belt loops? Apparently my belt is supposed to be pretty and not really need actual loops to help keep it in place, it shouldn't be performing any sort of function, like HOLDING MY PANTS UP.

The Confession:

I don't really like cashews. I know some people hold the cashew in high regard, but I would take a peanut or an almond over a cashew any day. Shocking, I know.

*My Dad's term for those who tailgate.



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