The Idiot Box
September 21, 2005


I often wonder what it would be like to have my own Tivo. I could just turn the TV off at night instead of fooling myself into thinking, "Tonight is the night I'll make it all the way through the Daily Show!" Or being able to record a show while I watch something else that's on at the same time. Like last night.

Rockstar finale vs. Gilmore Girls

What was I to do? In my tivo-less world, a choice had to be made. I had already missed the season opener of GG, so would it make a difference if I missed this week's show? I've pretty much given in to the fact that I'll end up buying every season on DVD, so why not miss an episode or two. And then I could watch Rockstar, and see who they FINALLY select as the lead singer for Our Band, INXS. But having watched it with a Tivo for weeks and weeks, I didn't think I could handle sitting through commercials. I could always check the rockstar website in the morning and see who won.

So I watched Gilmore Girls, and boy am I glad I did. Watching Rockstar would have just pissed me off, and I don't like going to bed angry. Not only would I have been completely disappointed by the fact that INXS picked JD (ugh!), but I would have missed GG to find that out!

So yeah, sorry Tivo, I don't think I'll be needing you anytime soon. The only show I consistently enjoy watching comes out on DVD eventually and the rest of my tv viewing is the food network. And frankly, it would be a little scary if I needed a Tivo for that.



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