Our band, INXS
September 01, 2005

Mystery Squash

I watched reality tv. I'm a bit ashamed to admit it because I HATE reality tv, with a passion. I don't watch the major network channels because I can't even stand the commercials for reality tv. I will watch those charming Charmin bear commercials 10 times in a row, but if I have to see what's coming up next on Fear Factor I will SCREAM.

So, when K! graciously invited me over to watch Rock Star: INXS with her and some friends, I accepted. She had explained the premise to me, and it didn't sound that bad, also I didn't really have anything else to do that night. Through the magic of Tivo, we watched the Tuesday episode and the Wednesday episode back to back. All the while, making fun of the contestants. It actually wasn't that bad. I told myself that it was because I watched it with friends. It wasn't something I was going to watch at home, by myself. One, it wouldn't be as much fun to make fun of people. And Two, I don't have Tivo.

Last night was my 3rd week of watching Rock Star. Not only did I yell "TIVO!!" every time a commercial came on, so we could fast forward and get back to the good stuff. I was INCENSED that JD (he's such a smarmy bastard) didn't get kicked off the show last night! I fear that these are signs that I am becoming, or perhaps am already, hooked on this show.

So now, there's only one thing that can be done. Someone needs to knock me unconscious and only wake me up when they can tell me who was finally deemed the new lead singer for our band, INXS.

Actually, I think I'll be okay. As long as I don't start watching it by myself. If I do, I may be asking one of you to whack me over the head with something heavy.



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