August 29, 2005

Birthday Cake

Monday evening at the store, the conversation went like this:

Him: Hey, they have pineapple coconut juice.
Me: Neat, like pina coladas.
Him: Hey, that's what we should do for birthdays, do a tropical party thing, and drink pina coladas.
Me: Well, we hadn't really planned anything. We were just going to take you guys out to dinner.
Me: But we can go somewhere with pina coladas!

My boyfriend and his twin brother turned 30 on Sunday. We were planning a party for the night before. A surprise party. On Monday, before the juice conversation, we had no theme. By Thursday, my partner in crime and I had purchased cardboard palm trees, fake leis, little umbrellas for drinks, straw hats, grass skirts, fake pineapples, and hawaiian shirts for the twins to wear. The fact that I was making the birthday cake sort of hinted that something besides dinner was happening (my "we're going to go back and have cake at the apartment after dinner" excuse wasn't good enough, I guess). So despite my best intentions, the party wasn't as much of a surprise to T-Bone. His brother, on the other hand, had no clue that he would come home to find an apartment full of people in their best island attire screaming SURPRISE!



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