Bits and Pieces
November 02, 2005


The Wedding: It was fantabulous! I only had one glass of wine, and some champagne, but I still had a blast. I'm not normally a dancer, but I danced so much my hips hurt. It helps when you have a cute dance partner, I suppose. I put some photos on flickr, if you're interested.

Halloween: When friends had been inquiring about my costume of choice this year, I had to think about it for a minute, and then I'd reply with "a bride's maid". I was so occupied with wedding stuff, that coming up with a costume completely slipped my mind. I did attend a lovely Halloween housewarming party, though. Costumes were optional, and we had debated going the 'ghost' route and buying a couple of white sheets, but even that was more effort than we could manage. Maybe next year.

Hair: Mine hadn't seen scissors in almost 3 months. Despite the fact that it had been REALLY ANNOYING, I had been letting it grow so there'd actually be something to style for the wedding. I finally got it cut yesterday, and I couldn't be happier. It helps that my hair stylist is AWESOME, and manages to do exactly what I wanted, even if it doesn't always seem that way.

Nails: We did the manicure/pedicure thing the Friday before the wedding. I had originally said that I would do clear polish on my finger nails because I'm kind of weird about anything on them. But when in Rome...I ended up getting matching toes and nails. It took me a few days, but now that I'm used to it, I think I might kind of like it. My nails look so much nicer when they're typing or dialing something on the cell phone. The weird thing is that I can see how fast my nails grow, and oh my, are they growing fast. I HAD NO IDEA. They've also started chipping already, which has helped me decide that as much as I might like to have my nails look pretty all the time, I think I'll survive without a manicure every other week. That's hard earned money that could go!



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