All Kinds of Wrong
January 25, 2006

I have issues. One of them being the whole "book becomes a movie we MUST CHANGE THE COVER" thing. So last week, while strolling through MEGA book store which will not be named, I found something else to make this issue burn just a little bit brighter.

I was standing there, in the biographies section, minding my own business, when I turned around and my eyes fell upon a book about Truman Capote. Call me crazy, but you would think that the cover of a biography of Mr. Capote would contain a photo of the man himself. Apparently when a movie script is involved, not even the cover of a biography is safe. The particular one I was gawking at was sporting a glossy new cover with Philip Seymour Hoffman as Truman Capote. Am I the only one that thinks this is all sorts of WRONG?

I have never wanted to rip something to shreds more than I did in that very moment. I understand that Mr. Hoffman did an excellent job playing Capote. I watched the movie last night, I saw it with my own eyes (though, I have to say I was equally impressed with Catherine Keener as Harper Lee). Even if Hoffman has managed to emulate Capote to the point where he does bear a striking resemblance, HE IS NOT THE REAL CAPOTE, and therefore should not be on the cover of his biography. And then there's the whole issue of assuming the public is so dumb they won't be able to figure out that the book relates to the movie unless they change the cover. Gah! I'm getting all worked up again while typing this.

Clearly, I need to find a new hobby. Otherwise you might soon read an article about a girl with a paper shredder, arrested at her local bookstore.



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