The Nickname Game
January 31, 2006

He's been calling me 'dude' lately. The first couple of times, I didn't mind. But when it entered into the regular nickname rotation, I had to put my foot down. So now, I am 'dude-ess'.

I'm not sure where he comes up with the nicknames. Some are pretty creative, and some don't really qualify as nicknames at all. For instance, the other morning I woke up to find him looking at me in this sweet, almost adoring way, which was then followed by, "Good morning, hippie!"

As much as I might want to slug him in the arm when he refers to me as 'hippie', I find that I can't really get mad at him for it. I think the entire point to almost any of the non-nickname names is usually to make me laugh. And that's exactly what I did.



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