Hanging on the Telephone
February 04, 2006

Recently I noticed something during the last few phone conversations I've had with Mum. She asks about the boyfriend first. And a simple "He's fine", doesn't suffice. She wants details. Is the new job going okay? How's school? How's the commuting? And so on.

I was a little offended at first. Hello! First born child here. Didn't you call ME? Don't you want to know how I'M DOING? And she does. Eventually.

But then I realized something. Maybe she's asking about him to get it out of the way? Because then we can figure out what she's going to make for the small Super Bowl gathering she's having on Sunday. We can talk about the knitting projects we keep starting and take too long to finish. We can attempt to figure out when we're going to meet for lunch and try that new restaurant in Half Moon Bay.

You know, the important stuff.



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