Geriatric at 30 years old
March 07, 2006

The thing about finally being in Austin during SXSW is that I think I'm going to miss the things that I really, truly want to go to. A couple of years ago I would have been all about the looong list of bands that are playing into the wee hours of the morning. But right now, the thought of being in a crowded club after midnight on a weeknight just isn't that appealing. The more likely scenario is: 9pm, me in pajamas, watching Friends reruns on cable. WHEN DID I GET SO OLD?

At this point, I really would like to be there for some of the interactive panels and such. But it all ends after I get there...on Monday. For example, the flickr party happens on Sunday. And this happens right before my plane lands. By the time I get my luggage and rental car, everyone will most likely be gone. Ah well. It does get in the way of this thing called WORK that I'm supposed to go to.

Even if I don't make it to anything SXSW related, I'll just be happy to hang with some of my Austin pals. They all have kids and jobs and stuff and understand not being able to stay awake past 10:30pm.

If I start talking about arthritis in my knees or something, somebody please shoot me.



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