It's The Littlest Things
April 20, 2006

Things that are making me scowl at the moment:

- Everytime I fix something on the Beetle, something new breaks. Right now, my turn signals are all wonky, and as much as I love my mechanic, I really don't want to take the car in again. The boyfriend joked that they were going to have to start a punch card for me. 10 visits and the next one is free!
- It's supposed to rain on Friday and Saturday. As long as it stops raining after that, I will reduce the scowling.
- Yarn that I ordered over a week ago hasn't arrived yet. It's yarn that I need to finish the LAST 2 INCHES of the 2nd Skully sleeve. SO CLOSE to being done, yet SO FAR.
- This no outside IM and no web based e-mail thing at work. I'm grinding rice cake crumbs into the carpet with the wheels of my desk chair to show my anger and frustration. Yeah, I'm one BAD ASS MOFO.

Things that are making me not scowl so much:
- I tried that double knitting thing in the new Knitty and it totally rocks.
- THE SUN. I've worn sandals 3 days in a row!
- We found an apartment! We're really moving! No more loooong commute! Well, until we move, the commute is still there. But after Memorial day, I am so not waking up at 6am to get to work.
- Roasted Veggie No Cheese Pizza. Trust me, it's really good.

Also, today the littlest brother turns 16. The fact that he can now get a license and drive a car still has not sunk in. To me, he's still the little kid that used to run around with a colander on his head. Which would look a little silly today, given that he's at least 6 feet tall and his shoes size is probably in the double digits.



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