I Promise to Stop Talking About the Hair After This
May 19, 2006

So there was the hesitation with the actual cutting of the hair. And THEN! Then there was the worry. There was worry while scissors were taken to it. Because at one point, my hair was drying while it was still being cut, and I looked vaguely like my 16 year old little brother. And while that look totally works for him, it's not so great on me. But I left the salon feeling pretty okay about the short hair.

The boyfriend's reaction was positive. So I worried a little less. There was still worry though. That even though I was okay with it, maybe it didn't really look that good? I put a photo on the flickr, and you all had nice things to say. So there was even less worry.

Then, around 11am this morning, I got a phone call. I thought it was for my meeting that was supposed to be happening right then. But no! It was from the lovely and delightful Ms. Martini, who had seen the photo and had to pick up the phone and tell me exactly how much she liked the new 'do.

THAT, my friends, totally made my day (and made me pretty much worry free). As much as I might have a phone phobia, sometimes hearing the voice of a long distance friend on the other end is the best thing ever. Especially when they're telling you how great your new hair looks, and wishing you an early happy birthday (it's tomorrow).

I should have cut my hair off AGES ago!



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