Birthday Randomness
May 22, 2006

First, the happiest of happy birthday wishes to my little brother. He aged another year on Sunday (the day after mine). I sent him a cheesy e-card since I wasn't there to wish him well in person.

Second, happy birthday to Morrissey. Once a Smiths fan, always a Smiths fan. Though, I suppose if I really held myself to that, I'd be wishing Johnny Marr happy birthday too. But it'd be harder to remember since it isn't 2 days after mine. Well hey! It turns out his birthday is on Halloween! That'll be easier to remember than I thought.

Third, my totally awesome boyfriend bought me a bike for my birthday. No, it's not a mountain bike. He let me pick it out. It's a hybrid comfort bike sort of thing and it's light metallic green. I really would have loved another cruiser, but a bike with slightly nubby tires and lots of gears (21 speeds!) is a good idea for trails and such. I got to ride it once on Saturday morning, and I think it's the best bike EVER. I'm even having delusions of riding it to work after we move. I think I better get a helmet first though.



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