August 04, 2006

(My BlogHer recap is here, in case you missed it.)

All day yesterday, I kept thinking it was Friday. When I realized it wasn't, I felt deflated. I've been ready for this week to be over since Monday.

I'm not even sure why I was so anxious for Friday. I can't pin point any one thing that has made my week so positively "ick". It hasn't been extraordinarliy bad, but it hasn't been super happy fun either.

So last night when I was dirving home and realizing it definitely was NOT Friday, I decided that it would be really great if the yarn I ordered had finally arrived, because I really just wanted to go home and knit. And wouldn't you know, despite my crabby mood, my karma was still intact. The yarn was there waiting for me when I checked the mail. Of course, I couldn't just walk in the door, drop everything, and start knitting. I had to piddle around the house and reply to some emails and take out the recycling. By the time I sat down, and started to take the label off the first ball of yarn, S & C showed up with Frances. I may do some unsmart things sometimes, but I do know better than to even try and knit with a small kitten running loose around the apartment.

We're Frances-sitting for the whole weekend which means I won't get much knitting done, but I'm pretty okay with that. I've got a photo subject for the whole weekend. If only she'd SIT STILL.



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